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About Me

I am a US-based iOS and macOS developer and consultant. I create native mobile and desktop solutions with the Swift and Objective-C languages.

I have recently worked with large companies such as Marriott International, Universal Studios Orlando, and AT&T on multiple unique and challenging projects. Whether you need help creating a new app, updating an existing one, or working out an interesting idea, I can lead your team through the process.

What I Do


Project Management

I've worked with groups ranging from entrepreneurs to large businesses and can work with you along development, upgrades, bug fixes, and new features.

I consult on new and existing projects and ideas and help bring to life feasible and successful software.

iOS Development

I develop entire solutions for the iOS and macOS platforms. I can take you from an idea to a final product on the App Store and work with you along every step in-between.

Design is an integral part of iOS Development, and one that I take great interest in. I am always open to requests and comments, and love to be asked, "Why?"

What I can do for you

Whether you have an idea, a partial-project, or an already finished product I can take it to the next level.

I take pride in my work and am always looking to improve my skillset. With me, you can expect clean code, a strong foundation, and continuous communication.


What to Expect



I'll be here to guide you through every step of your app. From databases and design, to testing and security, and through app-reviews and past a final product, I am prepared to take the lead on your development team.


With nearly a decade of experience in a wide range of technologies, I'll bring custom-tailored solutions to the table built around your specific needs.


My goal is to make your app the best that it can be. Whether that means keeping it up-to-date, upgrading it to support the next big thing, or adding new features down the road.


I'm here for you, and that means keeping you updated on everything you'll want or need to know. I work great on teams and have done so many times before!
You can expect quick communication from me. Don't believe me? Shoot me a message below and find out for yourself.

I am always looking for interesting and challenging projects, so feel free to reach out if you're looking for a strong developer to join your team.

Recent Work

macOS App

(Swift & Cocoa)

The digital date and time viewer on your Mac's menu bar is missing one thing: a calendar. Simple and elegant, CalendBar is a customizable calendar that is always just a click away.

Vistana™ Signature Experiences
iOS App


Vistana™ Signature Experiences is one of a trio of vacation planning apps under the Marriott-owned company, Vistana. I am the Lead iOS developer for each app.

Westin® Vacation Club
iOS App


Westin® Vacation Club is one of a trio of vacation planning apps under the Marriott-owned company, Vistana. I am the Lead iOS developer for each app.

Sheraton® Vacation Club
iOS App


Sheraton® Vacation Club is one of a trio of vacation planning apps under the Marriott-owned company, Vistana. I am the Lead iOS developer for each app.

It's Done
iOS App


It’s Done iPhone app is the perfect app for anyone who’s ever forgotten anything. It’s also ideal for those suffer with short-term memory loss due to brain injury, dementia, or other related medical conditions.

Universal Orlando
iOS App

(Swift & Objective-C)

I worked with a team of two other iOS Developers maintaining, testing, and new designing features for the Universal Studios Orlando application.

Device Management
iOS App


An internal project that I led at Universal Orlando to monitor and track a group of internal test-devices by scanning their individual QR Codes on check-in/out.

Hungry Fish: Deep Sea
iOS Game


Eat or be eaten in this fast-paced free-for-all below the ocean's depths.

Save the Tree
iOS Game


Save as many ornaments as you can in this quick Christmas-themed game.

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